I'm Jack Perkins an Aussie Artist and Maker, now making things and illustrating pictures in Nottingham England. 

Welcome to my little shop! Here you will find the products I make and design. From leather bags, lamps, t shirts, prints and more I use a multitude of techniques to make the things I do while always expressing my own distinct style. I've been described as a 'materials man' and this shows in my work. I'm attracted to materials I find beautiful and in my efforts to make things with them I inevitably choose to showcase the natural beauty of the material.

My graphic work is a carry on from working as screen printer where I learned the value of simple design and a restricted colour palette, this linked with a love of illustration which I've had since I was a child. My recent works heavily feature old Land Rovers and motorcycles and motorcycle culture and this is, surprise surprise because I like Landy's and bikes! Before moving to the UK I used to get about in a Series III Stage 1 V8 Land Rover and a little two stroke Suzuki TS 185, two great beasts for tearing through the sand dunes.

Currently I'm selling exclusively with the Fosse beads and friends shop in Frome Somerset and of course here on my website. If you're ever able to make to that part of the world its a lovely shop and worth a look!

I enjoy creating the art and products I make and I hope that you will enjoy them too.

 If you want to know more about what I'm up to you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram by searching @jackperkinsart.