Carry All Wallet in Grey

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Born from a desire for a more simplified wallet life comes the stitchless carry all wallet.

I've used a traditional bi-fold wallet since forever but in recent years found it bulky and not really fitting my needs, since developing my leather workings skills my mind has often wandered to what my ideal wallet would be? I wanted something minimal with an almost origami style simply held together with a tactfully placed solid copper rivet. Of course being a designer I wanted to make something unique in a wallet market is pretty saturated with much of the same. 

This wallet will carry a maximum of 11 bank cards but if you wanted to carry that many cards in your hip pocket maybe this wallet isn't for you, typically I carry 6 cards a couple of pound notes, a few creative drawings scribbled on scraps of paper and the occasional coins. All this fits in with plenty of room to carry all the extra bits I need it to when I need it too.

In regards to size this wallet measures 6 x 9cm and 3cm deep but the depth will change to adapt to how much you keep in your wallet, mine sits at 2cm after a months use and its only 1.5cm once its being squished in my hip pocket. 

Leather is a natural product and all these wallets are individually handmade by me so there will be some variation in the end product despite my best efforts to be as consistent as possible. leather also has a tendency to develop character as it ages but  the way I see it that's how you impart your story onto the product.

Each wallet comes with its very own little draw string bag.