Milk Bottle Concrete Lamp

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The concrete milk bottle lamp, a modern piece of pop art that will literally light up your life. These are made using actual one pint milk bottles as the mould to cast the concrete in, each one varying depending on the producer of the milk bottles. I bet you never noticed there was even a difference in the shapes they come in? I know I didn't till I started making them.
Each lamp has a leather base to prevent it from scratching the surface it's placed on and also adds a layer of grip. There's also a small leather cuff on the cord where it meets the base to protect it rubbing against the concrete. Topped with a quality solid brass lamp holder and a on off switch halfway up the cord just in case the wall socket is out of reach. While stocks last this lamp is available with your choice of three colour cords red, green or blue which might not be so obvious if you live outside the UK but the cable colour is a play on if you want skimmed, semi or full fat of course!
There are very limited quantities of these lamps left and once they're gone they're gone I wont be making anymore.
** These lamps are only available to UK customers**
Each one comes PAT tested for reassured saftey.
Approximate size including bulb
*does not come with bulb but they are easy to find online and in good hardware stores*