Scout Bag

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This bag was birthed from a desire to use the wavy edge of the hide, a part often discarded as scrap because it wont conform to the rectangular shapes that make up so many bags. This wavy edge as I've called it is the natural edge of the skin and often bares some interesting marks either from the life of the animal or the clamps used in the tanning process. In this way it tells the three stories of the animal the tanner and the maker all in one each playing a part.

Made with the same full grain tumbled tan leather you see in my other bags this minimal cross body bag ready for a day out on the town scouting out new places when you want to take just the essentials. There is an honest elegance to this bag showing off only a little with it's double copper rivets at the strap join. I've made the straps with plenty of length so it can be tailored to how you like it simply by tying a knot at your desired length, in a way this is how I get you to be the fourth person to add their story to the life of the bag.  

Approximate size

Bag = 250 x 200mm

Strap length = 1280mm