Valet Tray Compact

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The compact leather valet tray, the perfect tool to tidy up your life and give your odds and sods a home for when they're not in your pocket! How often do you find yourself thinking "bloody hell! where have I left it now!?" when you're in a mad rush, flying out the door and your keys have gone walkabouts? I have two words for you 'Valet Tray' it'll change your life!

In all seriousness though this handy little bit of leather is not limited to holding your keys and wallet, they also make a great desk tidy for all that clutter on your desk that you should really sort out or chuck out but can't be bothered right now. Scoop it all up and dump it in your fancy leather valet tray and bam! Your desk is clean and organised once more.

This model is the compact one which measures 155 x 130 x 25 mm if you think you need a bit more space for all your nick knacks then maybe you should check out the Large Valet Tray which you can find in the leather section of the web shop.

Leather is a natural product the Valet Trays are individually handmade by me so there will be some variation in the end product despite my best efforts to be as consistent as possible. Leather also has a tendency to develop character as it ages but  the way I see it that's how you impart your story onto the product.